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Passport Renewal

Requirements for Passport Renewal

Step 1 - Prepare Passport Application Documents

A) DS-82: Government Renewal Application

DS-82 must be completed online using the government application form.

B) One Passport Photo

The photo must be 2×2, color with a plain light or white background and show a full front view of the face.

C) Most Recent Passport (Previous passport issued less than 15 years ago).
D) Official Name Change Documentation (if applicable)

If the name you are currently using differs from the name on your previous passport you must submit a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order showing the change of name. The name change document must bear the official seal of the issuing authority. Uncertified copies or notarized documents can not be accepted. All documents will be returned to you with your passport.

E) Authorization Letter

Fill out, sign then print 2 copies of this form authorizing DC DAATS to handle your passport service request (Photocopies not accepted).

F) Travel Evidence

Please provide two copies of one of the following:

  • Copy of plane ticket showing foreign departure, OR
  • Copy of travel itinerary (from airline or travel agency with applicant’s name, travel date, and flight info)
G) Government Fee


H) DC DAATS Fee Charges

Payable to DC DAATS by check, money order, or credit card during checkout

  • $250 – Rush 5-7 Business Days
I) Shipping Fee

Payable to DC DAATS by check, money order, or credit card during checkout

  • $45 – 1-2 Day Delivery

Step 2 - Fill Out the DCDAATS Online Order Form

All applicants must complete and submit the Online Order Form. After submitting the order form please print a copy of the “confirmation page” and send it to us along with the rest of the documents listed above.

Fill Out the Online Order Form Now

Step 3 - Ship Documents to DC DAATS

Please send all the documents listed above to the following address:

Company: DC DAATS
Address: 1201, 34th Street NW, Washington D.C. 20007
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (703) 843-4747

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